Songs For The Raven: Out Now in Paperback

Another James Ward Kirk Fiction quality product that I'm proud to be included in. I have some poems, Flash, and two short stories included, and I did the cover art. There are some good writers included in this collection and lots of talented up-and-coming writers to watch out for. Primarily a non-themed Horror anthology, there is a great range of styles and stories to whet the appetite of the most discerning reader with an eye on a 'literary' element to the work selected. It is what I'd call a Dark Fiction anthology with an obvious nod to the influence of the master himself, Edgar Allen Poe (although it is not a homage to him nor is it in the style of). The invocation of the spirit of Poe's dark masterpieces, is alive and well within the covers of this collection and as such, provides many enjoyable and chilling hours of reading. Ebook version to some soon.

From the back cover:

“Songs for the Raven” investigates the human condition and establishes a literary approach to horror by bringing together stories and poetry that show us thoughtful perspectives of the painful truths that humanity tries to hide from itself, the deep, subconscious currents that run through our collective minds.

We express emotion in many ways, often caused by our mood, following established patterns handed down through generations and reinforced in the myriad literary works that we all read at one point in our lives. In many works these emotions seem manufactured, trite even, carefully constructed veils that distract us from the deeper feelings that life itself imparts.

This anthology examines those deeper emotions, tries to analyze the feelings through poetry and prose that digs deep into the human condition and that reflects the unsavory aspects of our very souls, bringing shadows to the light or shrouding them in even darker shadows.

For where there is light, there is shadow and the authors wonder, at all times, what lies beyond the shadow, what really drives and motivates their characters, uncovering the awkward and uncomfortable facts of our lives and our very existence.

Can anyone say they live life truthfully, guileless, free from the burden of little and bigger lies? The authors dare ask these questions and in the ensuing silence they tread on the delicate shards of broken souls, grinding them beneath their stone cold heels, hoping that the feeling will evoke emotions real and raw that spill forth like a song of bitter anguish.

And from the shadows, the raven observes, ponders, waits, listens to the songs, selecting the right moment to show painful, blinding truth

Authors/Table of Contents


Rich Orth, Josette!
In The Beginning!!
Pretentious She . . . I Adore!
Lion All the Time!
Crafted Story!
Vincent Bilof
The Poet's Deliberate Dream: Part 1
The Poet's Deliberate Dream: The Sequel
The Poet's Deliberate Dream Part Three: Untitled
Poet's Discourse
Memento of Truth
Moments of You
Sonnet X
Matthew Wilson
The Human Element
David Frazier
The Veteran
Wicked Eyes
A Funeral
Permanent Sleep
A. B. Stephens
Michael Lee Johnson
Prisoners of Mind and Soul
From My Grave
I Work My Mind like Planet Earth
Michigan City State Prison Poem
Leroy and His Love Affair
Lilly, Lonely Trailer Prostitute
Manic is the Dark Night
I’m the Shadow Shredder
Depression’s Darkness
Spirits of the Schizophrenic Dead
William Cook
We Stand Accused
Parabolic Dream
Blood Meal
David S. Pointer
Sartre’s Freedom Fighters
Post Altar Fermentation
Constitutional Rebirth
Dust Buster Ritual
Oak Ridge Area Case Worker
Ro McNulty
The Salt Garden
Greg McWhorter
Kingdom Flagitious
Mike Meroney


Greg McWhorter, An Abstract of Measures
Ken Goldman, A Comforting Thought
Marija Elektra Rodriguez, The Temple of Sepia
William Cook, Anomalous Perigee
Julienne Lee, Danger to Society
A.A. Garrison, Life is Good
Greg McWhorter, Light
Scathe meic Beorh, Annalisa!
The Burning of David Bailey
The Witch in Albert’s Back Yard
The Great Marbella Hutchins


Mike Jansen, Master Pricklylegs
Paula D. Ashe, Bereft
Timothy Frasier, Red on the Head
Julienne Lee, The Gate
Steve Bates, Straw Man
Richard Farren Barber, Brunswick
Stephen McQuiggan, The Wretched Blessed
Ro McNulty, Extinguishing the Flame
Amy K. Marshall, Lluvia cae . . . The Rain Is Falling
Rocky Alexander, Steel-Toed Boots
William Cook, ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Chantal Noordeloos, Soulman
Vincenzo Bilof, Friends with Benefits
William Cook, Aspects of Infinity,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX240_SY320_CR,0,0,240,320_SH20_OU01_.jpg
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