2013 Writing Projects - Update

2013 is shaping up to be my busiest year yet (in terms of writing projects). 

The Fresh Fear Anthology is going well and the submissions have been of an exceptional standard. Publishing date of September (possibly earlier) is well on track for an achievable outcome. Money has been raised for the payment of contributors and is set aside until contracts have been received and the submission deadline (May 31st) has been reached. 

I have had favorable reviews for my latest Kindle release, 'Creep'. If you're quick enough you can get it for FREE today only.
CREEP, is the first story in an exciting and gritty new psychological thriller series. Cassandra: Hunter of Darkness, is a hero to the victim and a merciless angel of death to the evil ones. A killer of killers, she strikes fear into the hearts of those who get their kicks off hurting others. Join Cassandra on her quest for justice and revenge as she begins her journey into the dark underbelly of serial murder and takes care of business as only she knows how. 8,500 word short story + novel extract from Blood Related.

James Ward Kirk Fiction has asked to publish a collection of my short horror fiction and poetry which will be finished by the end of this month and hopefully available for release in the coming months. I also have three stories included in Black Bed Sheet Books first author anthology - due for a Summer (States) release this year. Here is the cover design which I did for the anthology:

. . . and, for those of you interested in news of my sequel to Blood Related, 'Blood Trail' is half complete and should be finished by the end of August/beginning of September. I had a recent health setback (pneumonia) which put me behind schedule by about a month unfortunately. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and please check out the links and repost/share in as many places you can. Thanks and have a great week. Until next time.


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CREEP (Cassandra: Hunter of Darkness) [Kindle Edition]

Today marks the release of another exercise in self-publishing. CREEP, is the first story in an exciting and gritty new psychological thriller series. Cassandra: Hunter of Darkness, is a hero to the victim and a merciless angel of death to the evil ones. A killer of killers, she strikes fear into the hearts of those who get their kicks off hurting others. Join Cassandra on her quest for justice and revenge as she begins her journey into the dark underbelly of serial murder and takes care of business as only she knows how. 

I plan to release companion stories/volumes at the end of each month so stay tuned for the next installment. Available FREE to Kindle Prime members otherwise for under the price of a coffee you can get this now for $1.99  (includes 8,500 word short story + novel excerpt from Blood Related.)

"Be careful who you get into a car with, even if that car is a taxi! A dark story of a young girl's date with death. CREEP is a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the gripping climax which is unexpected and will leave the reader cheering for more. Serial Killers don't always get away with murder, no matter how hard they try."

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Book Cover Design

When I'm not writing and looking after my kids I design scary book covers (and not-so-scary ones too!). Here are a few recent covers I've designed and sold.

 If you need a cover please consider my work. I'm affordable and reasonably quick and will provide you with a cover that will look professional and eye-catching. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

Client Recommendations:

“When it comes to cover art, William Cook’s got the goods. He’s quick, resourceful, easy to work with, and if you’re smart enough to hire him, you’re gonna fall in love with your next cover.”
- Peter Giglio, author of SUNFALL MANOR (cover by William Cook) http://petergiglioauthor.blogspot.com/

“When I saw what William Cook had cooked up with the cover to my novel LIFE RAGE, my jaw hit the floor. Here’s a guy who lives up to his name. A master chef when it comes to illustration, I can’t praise this guy enough. Having the novel come out was sweet. Having a killer cover to show it off to the world made it even sweeter. “
- LL Soares, Writer/editor/film critic and Stoker Nominated co-writer of the movie column CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT. http://www.sff.net/people/llsoares/
“William Cook’s artwork and graphic designs are instantly captivating and evocative. His cover art not only catches your eye, it drags it around the corner and assaults it. William’s work is just that good. I couldn’t be happier with the work he produced for my novel.”
- Peter Dudar, author of A REQUIEM FOR DEAD FLIES. http://www.amazon.com/Peter-N.-Dudar/e/B007PFMBQO

“I loved his cover art so much for my forthcoming novella ‘Down & Out’ that I hired him again to produce the cover for the Science Fiction novella I’m currently working on, ‘Providence.’ As a self-published author, I’m always looking for an angle to increase sales. The cover is probably the most important tool in your arsenal when it comes to leaving a first impression. If you want a cover that is both beautiful and horrifying and catches a potential reader’s eye, you can’t do better than William Cook.”
Jimmy M.F. Pudge, author of BAD BILLY  and THE DICK. http://www.amazon.com/Jimmy-Pudge/e/B008AEZW10/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1347769397&sr=1-2-ent

“William Cook took my compilation PELICAN BAY RIOT to the next level with a captivating book cover like no other. He’s a master at taking the content of your story and putting a face on it that forces a second look and a buy.”
- Glenn Langohr, author of PELICAN BAY RIOT and Roll Call. http://www.amazon.com/GlennLangohr/e/B00571NY5A/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_2
William Cook’s cover art blew me away from first glance. Not only does he provide a quality cover, but he also has a gift for giving you exactly what you want - even if you are not sure what that is. The cover for the forthcoming anthology “Rigorous Mortis: A Mortician’s Tales, from Scarlett River Press,” told a story all of its own. I plan on hiring him again, and again.”
- Jo-Anne Russell, author of THE NIGHTMARE PROJECT, and Publisher at Scarlett River Press.                  http://www.amazon.com/JoAnneRussell/e/B0078JJL7E/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1347774352&sr=8-2, http://www.scarlett-river-press.ca
Author RJ Parker - “William has designed all my Serial Killer Series book covers as well as my FBI book and two other books that I published for Bernard DeLeo. This guy does amazing work and is passionate when it comes to graphic design. The book cover is what catches a potential buyer and it’s the first impression of the book. All my books are in the top 100 in several genres and I firmly believe a huge part of that success is due to having captivating book covers. I wouldn’t entertain using another designer, ever.”

- RJ Parker, Best-selling True Crime author

Working with William Cook has been a pleasure. He is open to any input from an author concerning the cover, and tries to capture the essence of the novel. I look forward to working with him in the future as he continues to strive for quality cover art.”

- Bernard Lee Deleo, author of The Protectors and Hard Case

William Cook is easily one of the most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The coverwork he did for “Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches” was perfect for setting the tone for the entire book.”

- Matt Nord, Editor and Author

“As a publisher, finding dependable artists can be tough. William Cook is an absolute joy to work with. I give him an idea and he uses his creative mind to mold a masterpiece. He is hard working, and always willing to work on a book cover until it is perfect. I highly recommend him.”

- Mark C. Scioneaux, Publisher Nightscape Press

“William Cook is a fabulous creative force, and we were excited to work with him. He works fast and captured the exact essence of our project. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Room-with-a-View/349239111791714

- Lin Rhys, Editor - ‘Room With a View’

Most of my prices range between $70 (Ebook) up to $150 for full wrap-around covers etc. More information can be found at my design website here: 


Songs For The Raven: Out Now in Paperback

Another James Ward Kirk Fiction quality product that I'm proud to be included in. I have some poems, Flash, and two short stories included, and I did the cover art. There are some good writers included in this collection and lots of talented up-and-coming writers to watch out for. Primarily a non-themed Horror anthology, there is a great range of styles and stories to whet the appetite of the most discerning reader with an eye on a 'literary' element to the work selected. It is what I'd call a Dark Fiction anthology with an obvious nod to the influence of the master himself, Edgar Allen Poe (although it is not a homage to him nor is it in the style of). The invocation of the spirit of Poe's dark masterpieces, is alive and well within the covers of this collection and as such, provides many enjoyable and chilling hours of reading. Ebook version to some soon.

From the back cover:

“Songs for the Raven” investigates the human condition and establishes a literary approach to horror by bringing together stories and poetry that show us thoughtful perspectives of the painful truths that humanity tries to hide from itself, the deep, subconscious currents that run through our collective minds.

We express emotion in many ways, often caused by our mood, following established patterns handed down through generations and reinforced in the myriad literary works that we all read at one point in our lives. In many works these emotions seem manufactured, trite even, carefully constructed veils that distract us from the deeper feelings that life itself imparts.

This anthology examines those deeper emotions, tries to analyze the feelings through poetry and prose that digs deep into the human condition and that reflects the unsavory aspects of our very souls, bringing shadows to the light or shrouding them in even darker shadows.

For where there is light, there is shadow and the authors wonder, at all times, what lies beyond the shadow, what really drives and motivates their characters, uncovering the awkward and uncomfortable facts of our lives and our very existence.

Can anyone say they live life truthfully, guileless, free from the burden of little and bigger lies? The authors dare ask these questions and in the ensuing silence they tread on the delicate shards of broken souls, grinding them beneath their stone cold heels, hoping that the feeling will evoke emotions real and raw that spill forth like a song of bitter anguish.

And from the shadows, the raven observes, ponders, waits, listens to the songs, selecting the right moment to show painful, blinding truth

Authors/Table of Contents


Rich Orth, Josette!
In The Beginning!!
Pretentious She . . . I Adore!
Lion All the Time!
Crafted Story!
Vincent Bilof
The Poet's Deliberate Dream: Part 1
The Poet's Deliberate Dream: The Sequel
The Poet's Deliberate Dream Part Three: Untitled
Poet's Discourse
Memento of Truth
Moments of You
Sonnet X
Matthew Wilson
The Human Element
David Frazier
The Veteran
Wicked Eyes
A Funeral
Permanent Sleep
A. B. Stephens
Michael Lee Johnson
Prisoners of Mind and Soul
From My Grave
I Work My Mind like Planet Earth
Michigan City State Prison Poem
Leroy and His Love Affair
Lilly, Lonely Trailer Prostitute
Manic is the Dark Night
I’m the Shadow Shredder
Depression’s Darkness
Spirits of the Schizophrenic Dead
William Cook
We Stand Accused
Parabolic Dream
Blood Meal
David S. Pointer
Sartre’s Freedom Fighters
Post Altar Fermentation
Constitutional Rebirth
Dust Buster Ritual
Oak Ridge Area Case Worker
Ro McNulty
The Salt Garden
Greg McWhorter
Kingdom Flagitious
Mike Meroney


Greg McWhorter, An Abstract of Measures
Ken Goldman, A Comforting Thought
Marija Elektra Rodriguez, The Temple of Sepia
William Cook, Anomalous Perigee
Julienne Lee, Danger to Society
A.A. Garrison, Life is Good
Greg McWhorter, Light
Scathe meic Beorh, Annalisa!
The Burning of David Bailey
The Witch in Albert’s Back Yard
The Great Marbella Hutchins


Mike Jansen, Master Pricklylegs
Paula D. Ashe, Bereft
Timothy Frasier, Red on the Head
Julienne Lee, The Gate
Steve Bates, Straw Man
Richard Farren Barber, Brunswick
Stephen McQuiggan, The Wretched Blessed
Ro McNulty, Extinguishing the Flame
Amy K. Marshall, Lluvia cae . . . The Rain Is Falling
Rocky Alexander, Steel-Toed Boots
William Cook, ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Chantal Noordeloos, Soulman
Vincenzo Bilof, Friends with Benefits
William Cook, Aspects of Infinity

Buy your copy now!

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