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Free Book download - Update

UPDATE * Thanks everyone for downloading a free copy of 'Devil Inside.' The campaign is now over and many free books were downloaded. As an independent author it is nice to be able to give away something to encourage readers to take a chance on a newbie writer such as myself. I hope that those of you who did take a chance on my work and enjoyed it, will sample some of my other titles available on Amazon and/or leave a fair review.

Reviews go a long way to help authors without the large bank accounts of the big publishing houses, so it is something small that you, the reader, can do to support and encourage writers like myself. Despite not making any money (so far) I love being able to share my stories with the world and feel very privileged to do so. Please leave a comment if you follow this site/blog - I would love to hear from any readers out there (if any) and any suggestions for this website and for the type of stories you'd like to read from me in the future.

Anyway, thanks again and until next time, take care.



Hey guys and ghouls my creepy short story, 'Devil Inside,' is officially now ‪#‎FREE‬ (and over the weekend) via just in time for ‪#‎Halloween‬ - grab a copy and share please.

From a customer review:

"Devil Inside is the tale of a young, underachieving boy who suffers abuse at the hands of his drunken father and a lack of attention from his mother, who is also a heavy drinker. Taunts from his teacher compound the issue, and on top of all this, he is having nightmares about a terrible, dark creature as black as night, with red piercing eyes. Is this creature only a dream, or is it a demonic protector sent to watch over the boy and punish those who do him harm? A wonderful tale, told with William Cook's usual attention to gory detail. There are 4 bonus poems and an excerpt from his novel, "Blood Related" too, so I urge any potential reader to take a look into the dark world of William Cook's imagination. You won't be disappointed in what you read!"



FREE short fiction promotion - Devil Inside (3 days only)

Hi all - FREE now for those of you who like scary stories :)



'Devil Inside' is a short horror story that will leave you wanting more. Graphic and descriptive, the tale winds itself around a young boy who discovers that when you make a wish, you better make sure you really want it.

Horror, Violence, Supernatural, M15+

Short Story + 4 x Poems + Excerpt from Blood Related (novel).

Amazon US -

Amazon Uk -

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FREE PROMO - 3 days only, get your copy of CREEP.

As a thank you to my readers and an invitation to new readers I have one of my more popular stories available for free for the next three days. As you're probably aware, a large part of being an 'indie' author is spent with marketing and self promotion. This is one of those times and the following details will hopefully provide you, my astute readers, with the tools you need to get your FREE copy of Creep.

Free Kindle Ebook (28/08-31/08):

CREEP, is the first story in an exciting and gritty new psychological thriller/horror series. Cassandra: Hunter of Darkness, is a hero to the victim and a merciless angel of death to the evil ones. A killer of killers, she strikes fear into the hearts of those who get their kicks off hurting others. Join Cassandra on her quest for justice and revenge as she begins her journey into the dark underbelly of serial murder and takes care of business as only she knows how.

FREE NOW - Please share. Any reviews welcomed

US Link:

UK Link:

"5.0 out of 5 stars A CREEPY THRILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By dean s
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

"Where do i begin?
What a fantastic exciting action packed thriller from the start of the book. This is the story of cassandra a girl who is off back to university after having a holiday with her parents. She calls a taxi and gets into it and what she gets into is a big mistake and a pathway to a terrible time with the creep.
This story gripped me from the start and kept me wanting to turn the pages with excitement and the unknowing. I also had to read this in one sitting as it captures you in with the characters on every page wondering what is going to happen next.
The only bad thing to say is that it wasnt long enough because i could have read more and want more,so hopefully the sequel wont be too far off. 5 stars and well deserved."

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