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Reviews make the world go round . . .

I try to read and review as many books as possible, especially from those authors who I have read previously and enjoyed. Many of the authors I have read have come by way of recommendation and in my opinion, there is nothing better for a writer than receiving fair, honest and appreciative (of course) reviews. Anyway, I really want to share this one with you guys as Vix makes some delightfully insightful glimpses into each of the stories in my recent collection, 'Dreams of Thanatos.' After reading the review, maybe check out the collection but also, please, leave a comment below and recommend some of your favorite books. Would love to hear what other authors you guys are reading . . .
Amazon Review: 

By Vix Kirkpatrick on July 21, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Firstly I noticed the beautiful cover art and then noted at the back in the blurb that WC designs his own, and others, covers – what talent.* [*I have to interject here as the fantastic cover art was done by the talented Steve Upham from Screaming Dreams
I was only going to read one story in this book to see if I would be interested or not, hahaha yeah right! I came out of my Kindle many hours later a little staggered and wide eyed.
How have I overlooked this fabulous author for so long? I have read a few of his books but this collection of shorts is intense and shows off his erudite flow and use of words perfectly.
So, on with the stories in this book.
The Reader: my first thought when finishing the final sentence was WTF! This was so brilliant and intense, I was not sure whether to “shut” the book or carry on!
A man gets hooked on reading after the birth of his daughter, what a wonderful thing you may imagine, until it absorbs him in the most hideous way.
Delightfully gore laden WC captures that feeling that US avid readers get when we find a new story or author to indulge ourselves with, only he ratchets up the “forgot to eat dinner” scenario and then bangs you over the head with it!

Kaleidoscope Kid: I have always wondered if human monsters are nurture or nature? This poor chap seems to be part of that question, with such a sad start, middle and end to his life.
I almost wanted visions of my own for the wonderful little critters that visit and chat with him, almost.
I was so glad that Pa got his justice but eeeew what a way to go! Intrigued? You should be! The stories seem to only be getting better in this collection.

What a Man wants: This little show stopping story is much more the clipped, yet deep style I expect from WC (having read his other novels).
A harsh life is described and just as I started to feel sorry for the poor sap he twists his tail (no miss spell!).
Fantastic ending to an icky story.

Blinded by the Light: Quite possible the most sickening first line I think I have ever read, made my stomach knot and retch.
It does not get any better or it becomes more brilliant depending on how you like your grotesque!
Amazing in all its disgusting glory, yet still so full of story.

The Night Terror: Much more flowery and esthetic in its prose this story begins to soothe the thus far shocked and tattered mind that is mine, but I cannot stop reading.
Don’t be fooled though, the initial calm relaxes you into a stupor of rhythm before WC tosses you into the pit of hell fire once more.

Legacy; The Eternal Now and Hereafter: It is kind of scary that these two loons thinking up a declaration of independence and freedom for all using pipe bombs and destruction actually made sense, such is the power of the authors writing skill.
This story lurches from weird to horrific and then onto freaky. By far the longest story in this collection I think “enjoy” would be the wrong word but I was totally engrossed.

Til Death Do Us Part: Hugo does not take his wife’s request for a divorce too well.
This has to be my favourite story for all the mental visuals of gore, even had some smell and touch in there too I think.
Almost tongue in cheek complete with fumbling surgeon, shotguns and clueless cops. This story alone is worth the cost of the collection.

Dead Memories: WC manages to write about love lost in such a beautiful way that you almost don’t notice the dull edge of pain as he then rips your heart out.
As the nightmare hauntings intensify I was not sure of the history but was too wrapped in the destination to care.

The Devil Inside: Poor young Jacob what an awful life he has, but is seems he has an avenger, and they live under his bed.
The Beast has finally matured and is hungry…..
A tale of revenge that left me smiling.

Creeper: The poor crow or creeper bird gets blamed for all the bad things that befall this stuck up idiot! Short and with no obvious outcome this was a snippet of a moment, but wonderfully written.

Conceived by Death: If you want well placed gore and stomach churning horror, this is the read for you; from drug use, murdering of mums and babies to the birth of something unknown WC wraps all of that horror into a great story with a purpose and not just for the sake of more gore of puke factor.

Burnt Offerings: WC does tales of abusive revenge like no other. He is able to portray the pain so that any wrong doings done to the perpetrators don’t feel at all excessive and possibly deserve one ounce more.
Short but not sweet a strong female lead this time.

Pretty Boy: Another bucket load of eeeeew!
Jasper is on the prowl for more fresh flesh to rape and kill when the local police stop him and give out their own brand of unique justice.
I would really like to read the extended version of this! (hint hint)

Aspects of Infinity: Really disliked this story as it was far too abstract in writing style for me to connect with and I was getting bored with my own struggle to keep up.
Am glad this was near the end as not sure I would have continued with the book had it been first.
Just not MY thing, but probably somebodies.

Dead and Buried: Poor Donny and Max. This felt like a really “nice” ending to the whole book, full of possible hope as well as the spine chilling horror, not the usual WC gore and rub your face in it, this was much more subtle and ultimately more intrusive.

Really enjoyed this book of revenge with some strong drinking, smoking, drug and abuse themes going on. I’m sure a shrink would have a field day with WC brain – maybe he should visit Hannibal! That would be a certain match.
Any reviewers out there who would like an e-copy, please contact me via the email address at the foot of the posts.


I haven't done any fresh book covers (aside from the Serial Killer Quarterly Magazine monthly covers) and the following titles needed sprucing up, hence the following images (linked for your convenience to the appropriate Amazon page - J):
William Cook (C) 2014.

Book Cover Design

When I'm not writing and looking after my kids I design scary book covers (and not-so-scary ones too!). Here are a few recent covers I've designed and sold.

 If you need a cover please consider my work. I'm affordable and reasonably quick and will provide you with a cover that will look professional and eye-catching. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

Client Recommendations:

“When it comes to cover art, William Cook’s got the goods. He’s quick, resourceful, easy to work with, and if you’re smart enough to hire him, you’re gonna fall in love with your next cover.”
- Peter Giglio, author of SUNFALL MANOR (cover by William Cook)

“When I saw what William Cook had cooked up with the cover to my novel LIFE RAGE, my jaw hit the floor. Here’s a guy who lives up to his name. A master chef when it comes to illustration, I can’t praise this guy enough. Having the novel come out was sweet. Having a killer cover to show it off to the world made it even sweeter. “
- LL Soares, Writer/editor/film critic and Stoker Nominated co-writer of the movie column CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT.
“William Cook’s artwork and graphic designs are instantly captivating and evocative. His cover art not only catches your eye, it drags it around the corner and assaults it. William’s work is just that good. I couldn’t be happier with the work he produced for my novel.”
- Peter Dudar, author of A REQUIEM FOR DEAD FLIES.

“I loved his cover art so much for my forthcoming novella ‘Down & Out’ that I hired him again to produce the cover for the Science Fiction novella I’m currently working on, ‘Providence.’ As a self-published author, I’m always looking for an angle to increase sales. The cover is probably the most important tool in your arsenal when it comes to leaving a first impression. If you want a cover that is both beautiful and horrifying and catches a potential reader’s eye, you can’t do better than William Cook.”
Jimmy M.F. Pudge, author of BAD BILLY  and THE DICK.

“William Cook took my compilation PELICAN BAY RIOT to the next level with a captivating book cover like no other. He’s a master at taking the content of your story and putting a face on it that forces a second look and a buy.”
- Glenn Langohr, author of PELICAN BAY RIOT and Roll Call.
William Cook’s cover art blew me away from first glance. Not only does he provide a quality cover, but he also has a gift for giving you exactly what you want - even if you are not sure what that is. The cover for the forthcoming anthology “Rigorous Mortis: A Mortician’s Tales, from Scarlett River Press,” told a story all of its own. I plan on hiring him again, and again.”
- Jo-Anne Russell, author of THE NIGHTMARE PROJECT, and Publisher at Scarlett River Press.        ,
Author RJ Parker - “William has designed all my Serial Killer Series book covers as well as my FBI book and two other books that I published for Bernard DeLeo. This guy does amazing work and is passionate when it comes to graphic design. The book cover is what catches a potential buyer and it’s the first impression of the book. All my books are in the top 100 in several genres and I firmly believe a huge part of that success is due to having captivating book covers. I wouldn’t entertain using another designer, ever.”

- RJ Parker, Best-selling True Crime author

Working with William Cook has been a pleasure. He is open to any input from an author concerning the cover, and tries to capture the essence of the novel. I look forward to working with him in the future as he continues to strive for quality cover art.”

- Bernard Lee Deleo, author of The Protectors and Hard Case

William Cook is easily one of the most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The coverwork he did for “Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches” was perfect for setting the tone for the entire book.”

- Matt Nord, Editor and Author

“As a publisher, finding dependable artists can be tough. William Cook is an absolute joy to work with. I give him an idea and he uses his creative mind to mold a masterpiece. He is hard working, and always willing to work on a book cover until it is perfect. I highly recommend him.”

- Mark C. Scioneaux, Publisher Nightscape Press

“William Cook is a fabulous creative force, and we were excited to work with him. He works fast and captured the exact essence of our project.

- Lin Rhys, Editor - ‘Room With a View’

Most of my prices range between $70 (Ebook) up to $150 for full wrap-around covers etc. More information can be found at my design website here: 


Book Cover Design and Poetry

This has just been listed on Amazon and i'm proud to have been included with a handful of my illustrations, a poem, and this cover illustation (art only not text). Check it out if you are a fan of Horror, i'm sure you'll find something you like therein.

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