Message for any readers out there (if any!)


I realise that 'Blogging' is as much self-serving as it is for public entertainment. In light of this truth I have to ask the question: "Is anybody reading this blog?" So that is my question, is there anyone reading this blog and if so would you like me to continue posting items of interest?

Obviously, this stuff takes time to produce, edit, post etc. The growing realisation that blogging (in my own opinion) is a probable waste of time has led me to ask this question to find out if it's worth carrying on. Anyway, there you have it - should I stay or should I go? Also, feedback on the blog etc would be appreciated.

Best wishes



  1. You have a reader: me! (Of course, I'm sure I'm not the only one.)

    And I have two suggestions about your blog: one about content, and one about getting more readers. The first suggestion is that you include some posts giving your thoughts about literature, art, politics - whatever takes your fancy. Most people, unless they are professional literary critics, find it easier to comment on such posts than they do on creative work - and comments help to build readership.

    The second suggestion (which you may already be doing) is to spend a little time each week visiting other people's blogs and making comments where you have something pertinent to say. In most cases, you can link your name on those comments back to your blog - if people are intrigued by your comment, then they may follow that link back to your blog.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Cheers Tim and very useful comments too! What do you think? Are you using your blog as a showcase for your own writing etc or is it for fun? I guess the answer would be a bit of both, right? I can't help but feel sometimes that the time spent on this blog should be better spent with precious hours writing elsewhere! I have a habit of answering my OWN questions if you'd not noticed already. Hey thanks again - starting to get back into illustration-type work at the moment so the words will have to stew for a while. Can't hurt sometimes. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow night. Will text tomorrow.



  3. Cheers ears! I read your blog too Grant... and if you haven't already done so, I'd suggest adding 'Google Analytics'. You can set up your blog (& other pages like MySpace etc) to see how often people visit, how long they stay, how they navigate to your site etc. Useful info, and interesting too. Just when I thought noone was reading ours since they dont leave comments, found we had about 23 views in one day! See ya soon, Alina x :-)

  4. So how are the stats going? Will you blog anymore?? Alina x

  5. William - I see you are following my Blog - I have had a quick look here - looks interesting - I am working on my latest two or three entries to extend or "develop" them but then I will have another look here.

    I haven't activated the "follow" thing yet so I will try it on your Blog as start...
    not just as a quid pro quo...

    Kind regards, Richard

    Blog - EYELIGHT


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