Novel finally finished - hooray. Now to find a publisher [hopefully]!

Hi, it's been a while as I have been working frantically to complete my novel before Christmas time. It has been a 'work in progress' for the past four years and i'm pleased to say that the end is nigh. I am editing the last draft and will have it ready for submission to publishers in the New Year. As you can probably guess from the book cover mock-up (by yours truly) and the working title, it is a novel about a killer. Actually about a family of killers to be exact, told through the journals of a budding serial killer whose twin brother is also afflicted with the same unfortunate disposition.

I guess you could place this novel under the genre banner of 'Serial Killer Fiction,' or crime fiction. I realise that this field is littered with cliched monsters all trying to replicate the success of Harris's Hannibal Lecter trilogy +, hopefully I might have succeeded in providing a new twist to the genre - or at least to the smaller sub-genre of 'First-person Serial Killer Fiction.' Whew, anyway - worth a crack, so there it is.

If I don't have any success with publishers I will probably post it here in installments for at least some people to read and hopefully enjoy.

If anyone has any publishing contacts who might be interested in this kind of work please let me know via Also, what do you think of the cover?

Have a great Christmas everyone. Will/Grant.


  1. Looks interesting. Good luck with the publishers. They're opening up a little more nowadays to the idea of locally-written 'genre' or 'popular' fiction like crime/horror etc. So best of luck. And let me know how it progresses

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Craig - really enjoy your blog also. Will post any progress so please feel free to follow if you would like an update. Must say I have been quite inspired by the recent success of Paul Cleave's novels. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say in Wgtn next week. Have enjoyed all his novels and been watching his development with interest. Cheers again.


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